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Our Financial Assessment

How It Works

This is an in-depth, two-meeting process where we fully assess your current financial situation and give you the feedback you need to help you get on the right path to retirement. When Paul presents your personalized assessment, you get a deep dive into the areas that matter most. We invest the time necessary to deliver the insights and actionable steps to help you on your journey to financial freedom. The first meeting is a meet and greet. He wants to get to know you and of course you need to get to know him. Paul asks that you bring in specific documents, such as your tax return, investment statements, living trust and any insurance documents.

We Get It

We understand. You and Paul don't know each other and this is a lot of information that you're bringing in. However, if you do this, you get the best assessment possible. The second meeting is designed to uncover all of the different strategies you should be doing with your money to reach your goals more effectively. We'll look at strategies on how to:

  • Create the retirement income you desire.
  • Social Security strategies that you won't see on your benefit estimate statement.
  • We'll get into tax rules-look at different ways to mitigate your income tax today and in the future when you start creating retirement income.
  • We'll dive into your portfolio looking at costs, fees, risk, and how it's allocated – is it appropriate for your goals?
  • We'll cover insurance/risk management, and estate planning as well.

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