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Financial Assessment

With interest rates near all-time lows and the stock markets near all-time highs, many investors are reevaluating their current financial plan. Concerns with a bull market that has lasted a decade or so and with significant tax law changes, going it alone isn't the most prudent path moving forward. The best advice we have for most investors today is to take a step back and look at your overall plan. There's never been a better time to reassess your portfolio, your financial goals and your risk tolerance. In today's turbulent times we believe it makes good sense for investors to obtain an objective financial assessment, especially those folks that are near retirement or recently retired. There is no cost and no obligation.

How It Works

This is an in-depth, two-meeting process where we fully assess your current financial situation and give you the feedback you need to help you get on the right path to retirement. When Paul presents your personalized assessment, you get a deep dive into the areas that matter most. We invest the time necessary to deliver the insights and actionable steps to help you on your journey to financial freedom. The first meeting is a meet and greet. He wants to get to know you and of course you need to get to know him. Paul asks that you bring in specific documents, such as your tax return, investment statements, living trust and any insurance documents.

We Get It

We understand. You and Paul don't know each other and this is a lot of information that you're bringing in. However, if you do this, you get the best assessment possible. The second meeting is designed to uncover all of the different strategies you should be doing with your money to reach your goals more effectively. We'll look at strategies on how to:

  • Create the retirement income you desire.
  • Social Security strategies that you won't see on your benefit estimate statement.
  • We'll get into tax rules-look at different ways to mitigate your income tax today and in the future when you start creating retirement income.
  • We'll dive into your portfolio looking at costs, fees, risk, and how it's allocated – is it appropriate for your goals?
  • We'll cover insurance/risk management, and estate planning as well.

At the end of this process we'll decide if we want to take the next steps. Paul wants to make sure that we can add value to your overall situation and then he can discuss what the next steps would look like. Again, there is no charge for this service. Our goal is to educate you, make sure you understand the strategies that are appropriate for you. Then, at that point, we can decide if we want to move forward with a comprehensive plan or not. We invite you to e-mail or call 407-478-0128 to ask us any questions or schedule an initial 15-minute initial phone conversation.

Our Planning Process

Coming up with a solid financial plan, means doing some homework – both on your part and our part. From setting goals, to examining your current situation, to deciding how to measure your progress, as an experienced CFP®, Paul Fimognari, is uniquely qualified to take you through the financial planning process.

The Initial Phone Conversation

All services begin with a 15-minute phone conversation. Prior to scheduling our call, we will ask you to complete a set of pre-meeting questions. This will help you identify your goals and give us a chance to better understand if your situation matches our expertise.

Goal Planning Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to help you define and prioritize your goals. We have “gameified” this process, so it's fun and easy for us learn your objectives through a meaningful conversation. We’ll discuss your current financial situation, assess your feelings about risk and explain our approach to planning and investing. You'll learn about our value proposition and fees with complete transparency. At the end of this meeting, we’ll decide if we want to move forward with a no-cost, no obligation Financial Assessment.

Organizational Session

Our team will help you get your financial data organized. This critical step will help us develop the best possible Financial Assessment for your unique situation. We’ll review and clarify your data and documentation from our first meeting. We will also discuss your cash flow, help with setting realistic/achievable goals and get agreement on assumptions to be used for your planning.

Assessment and Strategy Meeting

This is where we walk through your customized Financial Assessment. We’ll review your goals and establish the value of your resources. We’ll also help you understand and identify areas where strategies may exist to:

  • Reduce taxes
  • Increase income
  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase the possibility of achieving your vision of financial success

Our goal is to educate you on the issues and make sure you understand the strategies that are appropriate for you. We want to make sure that we can add value to your overall situation. At the end of this meeting, we'll decide if we want to want to move forward with a comprehensive financial plan. We will review the paperwork to become a client and answer any questions you may have. Paul will ask you if you would like to begin working with our firm. It's as simple and straightforward as that – there's never any pressure.

Planning Recommendations Meeting

We will communicate your custom planning recommendations during this meeting. We'll discuss how the recommendations improve your path towards achieving your stated goals so you can make well-informed decisions. We will also revise recommendations if necessary. We bring everything together in a recommendations summary to help you understand your options and so you make the best choices for your future.

Implementation Meeting

In this meeting, we help you put your plan in motion to make your goals a reality. We'll get agreement on action steps with assignment of responsibilities and timelines. We will also coordinate with your other advisors as needed; such as your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney to ensure that your planning is properly integrated. Although this process completes your initial plan, this is the beginning of our working relationship of providing advice and guidance as you accomplish your life and financial goals.

Monitoring Your Progress

What gets measured; gets improved. As you work toward your goals, we'll want to make sure you're staying on track with continuous financial planning and implementation. Over the years, we have built one of the most robust client service models in the industry. The consistency of this process allows us to make adjustments as your goals and priorities evolve and change. We will systematically review your planning on a periodic basis. Typically this is done on a semi – annual basis, but at least annually. Between regular progress reviews we are available whenever you need us. You'll also have access to your Personal Financial Dashboard. This industry-leading technology tool gives you full access to your entire financial picture whenever and wherever you need it.