Retirement Planning

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Visualize your retirement. It’s a time when you can do all the things you love, but you must be financially prepared. Explore how board CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Paul Fimognari can help you reach the retirement of your dreams, or preserve the retirement that you’re already in.

Build Your Ideal Retirement

Everyone has unique goals for their retirement. We begin every relationship by making sure we have a clear understanding of your goals. Your unique goals become the foundation for your tailored financial plan.

Generating Retirement Income

One of the biggest challenges most people facing retirement his generating the regular income they need and preserving portfolio assets for the rest of their lives. Paul can help you with this process so you're better prepared to face any surprising expenses during retirement.

Determining a Sustainable Withdrawal Rate

It's important to figure out the percentage of your portfolio that you're going to draw from each year in retirement, so you can plan your lifestyle accordingly. We add up your fixed income sources, review your savings and investments, and determine how much you're spending now and project how much you'll be spending in retirement. We then calculate your distribution rate, while factoring taxes and inflation, to determine how long your nest egg is projected to last.

Social Security Claiming
Choices and Pension Payout Options

There are several combinations of strategies for claiming your Social Security benefits and if applicable, your defined-benefit pension plan. Making the wrong move could be irrevocable and costly. Understanding your situation, we will lay out various scenarios so you can learn how to get the most value from your retirement benefits. And for those of you who are eligible for a defined benefit pension, we'll also analyze your options for you and determine the optimal payout strategy for your situation.